LIGATUS website update

With the establishment of the Ligatus Research Unit, the St. Catherine's website will move under the wider Ligatus website. The Ligatus website will include various projects and separate pages for bibliography and student work. We will start working on the new website on Friday the 16th of November and we hope that it will be ready before the 25th of November. During this time the St. Catherine's website will be offline for most of the time. We hope that the new website will worth the disruption.
Watch this space!

Updates to be published regularly here.


So far:

  • The original St. Catherine's website database and files have been backed up.
  • All St. Catherine database tables have been renamed.
  • Configuration settings for St. Catherine's, Flat Time House and Volos have changed.
  • St. Catherine's website has moved to a sub website (as a project).
  • The general Ligatus website database has been created (where this post is located!).

No major problems have occurred so far but we still have a long way to go.

Hopefully I will soon be able to use the new logos.

Some more background work this morning - again it went very smoothly.
There is now a separate database for the AHRC glossary project and there is also a separate database for the MPhil/PhD studentships of Ligatus. This mostly concludes the database updates although part of the content from the St. Catherine's website will need to be moved to the glossary website - but this will almost certainly be done without direct database editing.
Next target for today is sorting out the various user permissions across the different project websites.

Permissions have been set for all websites, although I expect these to change following requests from users in the future. Another major part of the work has been completed with moving the glossary structure from the St. Catherine's website to the dedicate glossary website. This took some time and there were minor problems with comments and attachments which did not transfer automatically (they were too few to worth developing an automatic methodology for their transfer), but manually. During this process Maria checked for consistency between the two datasets and identified some unreasonable data in the post dates of various terms. These are almost certainly linked with the host being offline for a few hours last Monday. These dates have now been repaired. The two datasets will exist in parallel for a few weeks (maybe until Christmas), but only the new one will be updated.
The next target is setting up the various taxonomies for the different projects and arranging content around them.

The bibliography has now been moved from the Saint Catherine's project website to the main Ligatus website.
Taxonomies for the main Ligatus website have been completed and more keywords have been added to the various publications.

After a long couple of days the Ligatus website is almost ready. What happened since the last update is:

  • A new theme has been developed for the Ligatus home page.
  • Essential security updates have taken place - the website runs the latest version of Drupal
  • The news publication system has been installed
  • A new home page for Ligatus has been developed
  • A new Ligatus members page has been developed
  • Ligatus members can now be seen on a Google map
  • The bibliography database system has been updated and can now be browsed by Ligatus outputs or general Bibliographic records

What there is still to follow over the next few days:

  • A lot of content updates will be required over the next week
  • Themeing of the individual Ligatus project websites
  • Updating the glossary navigation tools
  • Setting up the structure for students website