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Gino Ballantyne's contribution

Having completed nearly all of the testing sessions for the second phase of Artivity I have began publishing the resulting data in figshare. The first batch is already up from the artist Gino Ballantyne, but I will be getting the second machine with the rest of the data over the weekend so I will be publishing more. For reference this data is here:

Gino Ballantyne's contribution for Phase 2

Artivity artists for phase 2

I have been meaning to write a blog post about the artists who are testing Artivity tools and producing some data for us and today I managed to get some time to do it. The two Artivity laptops have been setup and have been travelling up and down the country. We have been lucky to have contributions from a number of artists:

The future of Artivity and Zeitgeist

Since the inception of this project the idea of capturing contextual research data started after looking at the idea of the semantic desktop. The main implementation of the semantic desktop was through the respective KDE and GNOME communities and particularly the Zeitgeist framework which was a core component allowing applications to interact with semantic desktop data.

Export formats

I have been looking recently at the issue of sharing Artivity data. I did a short bibliographical review (attached at the bottom of the post) and it confirms that the idea of the semantic desktop was particularly popular around the middle of the 00's but it never really took off although the open source community embraced it (especially KDE and GNOME projects).

Some interesting projects came up in the review:

More Artivity screenshots

The Artivity Explorer window is developing nicely. The panel on the left now is used as a summary of the statistics extracted from the data which looks a lot more tidy. The right of the screen is divided into two panels. The top one shows a graph of the collected data over time and it incorporates both editing activity of an Inkscape file and browsing activity. The bottom one is currently a list of recorded actions. Sebastian and Moritz are looking into coordinating the two and allowing some sort of navigation to accommodate large amounts of data. Screenshots attached.

Artivity meeting in Germany

Last week I was in Germany to meet Sebastian Faubel and Moritz Eberl from Semiodesk. We had a great meeting and laid the plans for Phase 2 and 3 of the project. We discussed the new ppa Ubuntu Linux repository for Artivity and some interesting ideas for visualising Artivity data. Much of the data that Artivity deamon collects makes sense in relation to time.


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