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BUCHER, W. W. (1996). Dictionary of building preservation. New York [etc.], Preservation Press. Introduction: "[This book] is intended to serve two main purposes: first, to clarify the specialized terms used in the preservation field in the United States and Canada; and second, to allow a recorder to fully describe a historic resource". Alphabetical list, linked terms in scope notes highlighted in bold

English definitions with translations into Bulgarian, Croatian, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Spanish and Turkish. "The EwaGlos project, and this publication which arises as a result of it, represents an important step to create a much neededtool to facilitate communication across cultures and languages through the medium of word and image." "450 pages with an English introduction, the illustrated glossary, a materials appendix (practically without figures), and eleven indices (one for each language), as well as a bibliography." The work is divided into: (a) Art and Craft Techniques: Construction, Surface Design, Construction aids (b) Condition: Deterioration Sources, Deterioration Phenomena (C) Interventions: Documentation and Investigation, Preventive Conservation, Conservation, Restoration (d) Materials Appendix.

Website: "Terminology used for recording the main construction materials of monuments, buildings and structures relating to the built and buried heritage of the British Isles. Maintained by Historic England on behalf of the FISH Terminology Working Group"

Elements of a monument relating to the built or buried heritage. Website: "Used to record the constituent elements of a building or monument."

Site: El objetivo de este Glosario es presentar una serie de términos utilizados corrientemente en los estudios sobre la alteración de las rocas como materiales de construcción y, en particular, en los de deterioración de las piedras de los monumentos... Dichos términos aluden a diferentes aspectos (procesos, fenómenos, mecanismos, etc.), aun cuando la mayor parte de ellos son de carácter descriptivo, y se refieren a estados y formas de alteración macroscópicas de las piedras, detectables a simple vista. " Created 1988

"The mission of the Trust for Architectural Easements is to preserve America’s architectural heritage. We accomplish this mission primarily through the acceptance and stewardship of historic preservation easements. The Trust is one of the largest preservation easement holding organizations in the country, with protected properties in eight states. One page list of terms arranged alphabetically. Brief scope notes.

ACI COMMITTEE 201, & AMERICAN CONCRETE INSTITUTE. (2008). Guide for conducting a visual inspection of concrete in service. Farmington Hills, MI, American Concrete Institute. This guide provides terminology to perform and report on the visual condition of concrete in service. It includes a checklist of the many details that may be considered in making a report and descriptions for various concrete conditions associated with the durability of concrete.

BURDEN, E. E. (2004). Illustrated dictionary of architectural preservation: restoration, renovation, rehabilitation, reuse. New York, McGraw-Hill. Introduction: "This architectural dictionary carries .. [the function of a dictionary] … to another level , by illustrating many of the definitions with photographs of the elements in their location on the structures… There are two other dsitinctive features of this dictionary. First, there are listings of many historic architects... Second, there are listings of many historic preservation architectural firms practicing today who renovated the buildings that were created by the historic architects listed." Entries arranged alphabetically Includes names of architects, architectural firms

CERCLE DES PARTENAIRES DU PATRIMOINE (CHAMPS-SUR-MARNE). (1996). Les altérations visibles du béton définitions et aide au diagnostic. Champs-sur-Marne, Cercle des partenaires du Patrimoine.