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The thesaurus reflects the nature of the British Museum collections, and was originally set up as an internal reference tool. Some areas of terminology may be more specific than others, depending on the level of documentation available, or the size of particular collections.

Physical evidence, usually portable, resulting from past human activity or environmental remains that can be recovered from archaeological fieldwork. Website: Originally developed by the Archaeological Objects Working Party and published by the mda. It provides guidance for the recording of archaeological objects in Britain and Ireland covering all historical periods. Now maintained by FISH on behalf of the heritage sector." 25 top terms leads to narrower terms and from them to further narrower terms and then their definitions.

Elements of a monument relating to the built or buried heritage. Website: "Used to record the constituent elements of a building or monument."

Website:"Nomenclature for Museum Cataloging is a structured and controlled list of object terms organized in a classification system to provide a basis for indexing and cataloging collections of human-made objects. Nomenclature is used in the creation and management of object records in human history collections within museums and other organizations, and it focuses on objects relevant to North American history and culture. Nomenclature is the most extensively used museum classification and controlled vocabulary for historical and ethnological collections in North America... Nomenclature is already built into most major commercial museum collections management systems used in North America. It can also be used by museums with custom-built databases or spreadsheets and even by museums without computerized cataloging systems." Available in French and English - parallel sites, click on the one required. Hierarachy of 10 fields.: 1. Built environment objects; 2: Furnishings; 3: Personal Objects: 4: Tools & Equipment for Materials 5: Tools & Equipment for Science & Technology; 6: Tools & Equipment for Communication; 7: Distribution & Transportation Objects; 08: Communication Objects; 9: Recreational Objects; 10: Unclassifiable Objects Partly matched to the Getty AAT.