Relative position

Relative position of things means how components of a thing are arranged in relation to each-other. This may be the old example of the motorbike in spare parts and the motorbike assembled being two different things, but also simpler cases like a painting hanging “between” two other paintings (i.e. the exact position of each is irrelevant). Relevant issues or messages about this in the SIG list or CRM website are not obvious.


Consider new properties of E53 Place to indicate relative position, e.g.:

  • left of (right of)
  • above (below)
  • in front of (behind)

In all these cases there is no objective statement and the use of the property depends on the point of view contradicting a CRM modelling principle: .

Alternatively, consider a single new symmetrical property P?? next to in combination with the solution for orientation. This would make the statement objective and the directionality of the relative positioning can come from the orientation (i.e. 270° to 90° point to the left and 90° to 180° point to the right).

Further discussion took place at CRM-SIG meeting. This issue is to be updated.

Relevant links
This: is an example of an ontology describing assembly of parts.