Treatment assessment

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Part of the reasoning for treatments in conservation is the fact that previous treatments fail. It would be useful to be able to model this, so that we can assess which treatments are more successful based on wider samples. For example, the Ottoman Bird Stool was treated with water which caused swelling and was a failed treatment, followed by white spirit which was successful.

Treatment assessment can be an E13 Attribute Assignment which assesses the treatment activity and assigns a value of success/failure to it.
There may be scope in sub-classing E13 to include properties to link to Activity Plans. This will help identify the criterion based on which the assessment was made. E.g. a treatment might be successful from a static point of view (i.e. my wall supports keep the wall upright) but not from an aesthetic point of view (i.e. I do not like seeing my supports in front of the wall).
The causal relationship between subsequent actions (i.e. from assessing that a treatment has failed to actioning a new treatment) can be expressed with O13 triggers.