Terminology workshop

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Thursday, 06 June, 2019 (All day)

Conservators use many vocabularies in their descriptions. This workshop will report on the current landscape of terminology in conservation, test available tools and propose future work.


  • to introduce SKOS as a way to express vocabularies as Linked Data,
  • to discuss terminology fragmentation in multiple relevant vocabularies, federated thesauri and associated relationships of terms (including reconciliation of identical terms across thesauri),
  • to discuss micro-thesauri and ways of filtering large thesauri to isolate more relevant groups of terms for a domain,
  • to present examples of vocabularies and their use in Linked Data applications and
  • to agree roles for the terminology working group and structure of the project terminology report.

The full programme of the workshop will be announced soon. In the meantime please fill in the project questionnaire on terminology over here.