envelope flaps (features)

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fore-edge flaps
Scope note (en)
An extension of the cover of a book which folds across the fore-edge of the bookblock and over the opposite side of the cover (except on Islamic bindings where the envelope flap was traditionally placed under the opposite cover). The leading edge of such flaps was often given a triangular profile, thus resembling the traditional shape of the flap of an envelope. Fore-edge flaps may extend from either the left or right side of the cover and may or may not be secured with a fastening. Bindings which have fore-edge envelope flaps are often referred to as ‘wallet bindings’, but as the term describes only a single a feature that may be found on several different types of binding, it should not be used on its own to define a type of binding. Envelope flaps (features) are extensions of the covering material. Envelope flaps formed by separate pieces are defined as envelope flaps (components).
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