split lacing

Preferred label
split lacing
splittet permtreing
Note (en)
Slips used to attach a case-cover or boards in which either the two elements of a double supports or a single slip split into two are laced into boards or out of case-covers through a single hole and return through two separate holes, one at approximately 45 degrees above and the other at 45 degrees below the first hole. Split lacing was a common feature of many medieval bindings but becomes a particularly typical feature of Spanish laced-case bindings in the 17th century, even to the extent where the appearance is created in alum-tawed skin which is not attached to any of the sewing supports.
Note (nb)
Heftbind-ender som deles hvis de er doble eller splittes i to hvis de er enkle før de tres gjennom et enkelt hull i permer eller løsbind, og for å feste dem tres tilbake gjennom to separate hull.
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