coated paper

Preferred label
coated paper
bestrøket papir
Note (en)
Paper coloured by adding one or more smooth applications or coatings of a mixture of a binder and pigment to one or both of its sides. These papers have a smooth, enamel-like surface, in which the colour does not penetrate the paper, and may present either a matt or glossy surface, the latter finish being obtained by burnishing or calendering. Some coated papers were embossed with a fine pattern such as moiré. Such papers do not appear to have been used before the 1820s.
Note (nb)
påføring av et skikt bestående av bindemiddel, fyllstoffer og evt. pigmenter til papir, med det formål å gi papiroverflaten en glatt overflate og eventuelt en fargenyanse
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