The primary contributors to the thesaurus are Ligatus researchers:
Nicholas Pickwoad, Aurelie Martin, Alberto Campagnolo and Athanasios Velios.
The thesaurus development was initiated with support from FORTH researchers Martin Doerr and Maria Theodoridou.

The Norwegian translation of the thesaurus was done by:

  • Anne Eidsfeldt, research librarian
  • Nina Hesselberg-Wang, book & paper conservator NKF-N

from the National Library of Norway, Dept. Research and Scholarship.

The starting contributions for the thesaurus were made during 3 workshops in London where a number of contributors took part:

  • Christa Hofmann
  • Pierre Delsaerdt
  • Guy De Witte
  • Damir Hasenay
  • Iva Gobic
  • Anezka Badurova
  • Lenka Bartova
  • Marie Vest
  • Katrin Kaugver
  • Rene Haljasmäe
  • Isabelle de Conihout
  • Pierre-Jean Riamond
  • Maria Argyrou
  • Andrew Megaw
  • Joseph Schiro
  • Constant Lem
  • Tomasz Ososiński
  • Sonja Svoljsak
  • Jedert Vodopivec
  • María Luisa López-Vidriero
  • Charlotte Ahlgren
  • Helena Strömquist
  • Per Cullhed
  • Almuth Corbach
  • Bjørn Arild Bagge
  • Victoria Juhlin
  • Anne Eidsfeldt
  • Nina Hesselberg-Wang

The workshop moderators included:

  • Heather Ravenberg
  • Francesca Whymark
  • Anna-Paula Hirata Tanaka