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Note (en)
Any device which is used in order to mark temporarily or permanently particular leaves or passages of a book so that they can be easily retrieved by the user at a later time. They can be put into one of three major categories: movable, that is a marker which has one part permanently connected to a book and a movable part capable of being placed by a reader anywhere within a book; fixed, that is a marker which is permanently connected to a particular leaf and cannot be moved; and free, that is a loose piece of material which can be used as a marker without any permanent connection to a book. Books can often have multiple bookmarks of more than one type.
Note (nb)
tekstilbånd eller snor som festes til boken, permanent eller midlertidig, for å markere sider, blad eller særlige tekstdeler i bokblokken slik at de lett kan gjenfinnes av leseren
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