stitching (techniques)

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stitching (techniques)
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stabbing (techniques)
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The process of holding bookblocks together by stabbing a material such as thread, textile tape, parchment or tanned or tawed skin thongs through the inner margin of an entire bookblock (see also stitching in blocks). Stitching is such a simple technique that it was used both formally and informally from a very early date, but was recognised as a cheap and inferior alternative to sewing, and attempts were made in England in 1586 to control its use in order to protect the work of the bookbinders.
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hefteteknikk som utføres langsetter og fra utsiden av ryggen på bokblokken
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Pickwoad, Onward and Downward... (1994)

Nicholas Pickwoad (1994), “Onward and Downward: How Binders Coped with the Printing Press before 1800”, in A Millennium of the Book: Production, Design and Illustration in Manuscript and Print 900-1900, edited by Michael Harris and Robin Myers, Publishing Pathways 8, Winchester, St. Paul’s Bibliographies, pp. 61–106.

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