endleaf units

Preferred label
endleaf units
separate forsatsblad
Note (en)
Single or groups of endleaf components sewn through the fold as a single 'gathering', which may be combined with further units to complete the endleaves. A single bifolium tipped to another endleaf unit (frequently a decorated paper added to a single or double fold of plain paper) should not be considered as separate endleaf units, each of which must be sewn individually to qualify as such.
The individually-sewn groups of leaves which make up the endleaves at either end of a bookblock. Each unit may consist of one or more endleaf components, folded one inside the other. Although many endleaves consist of a single endleaf unit, endleaves consisting of two or more endleaf units will be found.
Note (nb)
enkle eller sammensatte forsatsblad som er heftet til bokblokken som et eget legg
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