stationery bindings

Preferred label
stationery bindings
Alternative label
archival bindings
blank-book bindings
ledger bindings
blankbook bindings
Note (en)
The bindings found on books made to be written in, such as ledgers, account books, etc. A variety of structures were used for these books (e.g. laced-case, tacketed, springback, etc.), but they were all intended to serve the same purpose. In eighteenth-century England, the binders who made these books were known as 'vellum binders', as parchment was the predominant covering material used on these books at that time.
Note (nb)
Skrivebøker med blanke ark beregnet for handels -, institusjonell - og privat virksomhet så som regnskapsbøker, offisielle opptegnelser og arkivdokument.
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