Documenting Practice - Creating art using digital tools


On the 16th of February 2015 Ligatus held a CCW workshop at Chelsea College of Arts to discuss documenting practice in art and design. This was in preparation for the "Research Data Spring" JISC sandpit. Participants included:

I started the workshop with a short introduction on the value of documenting process in the interpretation of the final output. The short presentation can be found here:

A summary of some important points made during the discussion follows:

  • Art historical research mostly relies on the output of an artist over a period of time, therefore any system to track contextual research data should be active over a long period of time.
  • Some artists consider self-archiving as a problem and distraction from their work. Collecting contextual research data automatically may solve this problem.

Rough notes from the meeting are attached - thank you Claire for producing these!

More discussions on this to follow.

PDF icon Rough workshop notes36.2 KB

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