Athanasios Velios

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Research Fellow

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18 years 10 months

Ligatus Research Centre
University of the Arts London
Chelsea College of Arts
16 John Islip Street,
London SW1P 4JU

Short biography
Athanasios studied archaelogical conservation at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens. In 2002 he completed his PhD at the Royal College of Arts on the automatic reconstruction of fragmented objects using 3D computer models. He has been active in the field of Computer Applications to Conservation for many years developing computer software for conservation-related applications. He is currently responsible for the digitisation of bookbindings and the condition survey at the library of the St. Catherine Monastery. He is also developing systems for the tracking and sorting books for storage in the same library. He has jointly received an AHRC grant for the development of a glossary of bookbinding terms using XML. He was also the principle investigator for the AHRC funded project “Archive as Event”: the online archive of the artist John Latham based on the artist's Event structure theory. He is contributing to the development of the Language of Bindings Thesaurus.
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