Artivity for MacOSX


Sebastian Faubel and Moritz Eberl from Semiodesk have been working hard on the first version of Artivity for the MacOSX which supports Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator and Google Chrome.
Artivity keeps track of work undertaken on the popular Adobe software alongside the records collected from browsing history. By combining the data collected from these applications we are hoping to build a picture of the context in which art practice develops and capture important steps in the methods used by artists.
Artivity's underlying architecture remains based on the Virtuoso triple store which collects the Artivity data. The PROV ontology is used to structure that data.
Artivity for MacOSX has been packaged as a single downloadable file which can be installed easily. It handles all dependencies and also installs the required plugins for the three supported applications.
Work on integrating Artivity with ORCID is underway and we have already started work on integration with e-Prints. Although these are online services which require access to the Internet, by default Artivity functions solely within the local desktop, i.e. all data is stored locally like any other data on your computer. Exporting options are available, but we have scheduled more work on this in the coming months.
We will soon be announcing a new website for Artivity with a download link for the new version as well as the two artists who will be testing it.