LCD website live

Over the past few weeks Kristen and I have been busy progressing with a number of tasks for the project. Kristen is preparing an update for the consortium. One of these tasks is setting up the project website. It is no secret that I am a big fan of Drupal. The Ligatus website has been running Drupal since (if I remember correctly) version 5. It has been setup as a multi-site running on the same code base. Each of the major Ligatus projects is hosted as a sub-site so for LCD I asked our brilliant web services team (Phil Haines, Gerry Hickman and Myles King) to create a new sub-site and related database accessible here:

The theme used is Skeleton which is relatively simple and attractive but features a number of different regions and also some useful classes from creating button-like links and borders, like:

<div class="button small right"><a class="button green" href="">Programme</a></div>

At some point I would prefer to reduce the text in the front page and increase the font size. This would require a sub-theme, so it might take a bit more time.


One problem I had with the website is locating nice icons to illustrate the different workshops. I searched online, as one does, for nice royalty-free icons but I soon realised that I was spending too much time on the task. So I decided to have a go on my own. I hope that having spent all my career based in fine art and design institutions, I have acquired some sense of taste even inadvertently.