Online archive

The main output of this project is John Latham's online archive hosted at: (aae stands for Archive As Event). This is implemented with Creative Archiving principles as explained here and here. The online archive holds a description of every item in Latham's archive accompanied by a photograph of the item. The descriptions include:

  • standard fields for archival description, chosen in consultation with archivists and based mostly on Dublin Core (such as creator and coverage),
  • project-specific fields, which are inspired by Latham's theories and practice (such as time-base and minit).

The online archive is organised in three parallel sections. All documents are accessible from every section, so choosing a section will not affect the content. However, each section offers different search tools to retrieve content. These tools are inspired by the characters of the Karamazov Brothers: Mitya, Ivan and Alyosha. Latham has made references to the three brothers in his work and writings.

  • Mitya (MA) appears to offer a random selection of documents in the form of a slideshow.
  • Ivan (IA) is a highly structured index of terms from controlled vocabularies allowing faceted searching.
  • Alyosha (AA) is an intuitive search tool which is based on Latham's time-bases as described using sound by David Toop.

For full explanation of the ideas behind the archive please explore the rest of the outputs.