Screenshot of archive front page

The main output of this project is John Latham's online archive hosted at: (aae stands for Archive As Event). This is implemented with Creative Archiving principles as explained here and here.

Prior to researching the archive and soon after Latham's death, Ligatus recorded the Flat Time House to preserve an indicative record of the artist's working and living space. The resulting spherical photographs are in this website starting with: 1. Face.

Exhibition photograph from Anarchive

Anarchive was an exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery which explored Latham's work and personal papers.
The exhibition explored the fundamental concepts that shaped his art, also including material from Flat Time House.

Cover of the Sun Times

This was presented at the Archiving the Artist ARLIS study day as part of the Mitya presentation to explain the metaphor of the three brothers in the online archive. Edited by Antony Hudek. Published by Occasional Papers.

Cover of Karamazov brothers book

This was the first public presentation of the project. The presentation included a basic introduction on the concepts of the online John Latham Archive and a performance/presentation of Mitya.