Ligatus Launch

A reception was held at the Great Hall of Lambeth Palace on 13 May 2008
to celebrate the official launch of the Ligatus Research Unit. Over 130
guests attended, representing a diverse range of interests, both
academic, practical and commercial.

[inline:LigatusLaunch11.JPG=Lambeth Palace Photo Naomi Hodgkin]

Professor Nicholas Pickwoad, Director of Ligatus, made a short speech in
which he gave an overview of the plans and goals of Ligatus. He stated
that bookbinding constitutes a substantial and hugely under-exploited
resource in the process of understanding books and that Ligatus is
intended to be a major step in bringing bookbinding into mainstream

[inline:LigatusLaunch8.JPG=Professor Nicholas Pickwoad Photo Naomi Hodgkin]

The event could not have happened without the generous support offered by
the University of the Arts London, the Lambeth Palace Library, and the
generosity of Bernard Quaritch Ltd. Professor Pickwoad also expressed
his gratitude to the Saint Catherine Foundation for their generous and
continuing support of the work undertaken in the library of the
monastery of Saint Catherine on Mount Sinai, which has been the genesis
of so much that Ligatus hopes to achieve.

[inline:LigatusLaunch9.JPG=Ligatus Launch Photo Naomi Hodgkin]