Ligatus's teaching activities include courses at MA level and research degree supervision for MPhil and PhD students.

MA conservation

CCW, Camberwell College of Arts
Ligatus contributed to the curriculum at MA level by teaching two courses to the MA conservation course in Camberwell College of Arts prior to its closure:

  • History of European Bookbinding - a week-long course delivered by Prof. Nicholas Pickwoad describing the development and typology of bookbinding in Europe. The course is followed by two weeks of hands-on work by the conservation students to a historic library where the students are trained on identifying and recording bindings.
  • Documentation for conservators - three lectures and three workshops on principles of conservation documentation using modern software tools. Emphasis is given in the value of online documentation and the potential of the Semantic Web for conservators.

Research student supervision

Ligatus has a strong research student community. More information on how to apply for a research degree at UAL and Ligatus can be found here.

List of previous and current students

  • Georgios Boudalis (PhD, 2004): The Evolution of a Craft: Post-Byzantine bookbinding between the late 15th and the early 18th century from the collections of the Iviron monastery in Mount Athos / Greece and the St Caterine's monastery in Sinai / Egypt. Read more here.
  • Nikolaos Sarris (PhD, 2010): Classification of finishing tools in Greek bookbinding: establishing links from the library of St. Catherine's Monastery, Sinai, Egypt.
  • Teresa Zammit Luppi (PhD, 2011):
  • Heather Ravenberg (MPhil, 2012): A data model to describe book conservation treatment activity.
  • Martha Romero (PhD, 2014):
  • Alberto Campagnolo (PhD, 2015): Transforming XML Records to Visual Representations:
    Development and Application for a Digital Visualization of Historical Bookbinding Structures.
  • Andrew Megaw (PhD): The photographically illustrated book.
  • Stavroula Rapti (PhD): Chelating agents for removing iron corrosion products from dry composite objects.
  • Anna Gialdini (PhD): "Alla Greca"? Matter and Meaning of Greek-Style Bookbindings in Renaissance Venice
  • Jennifer Murray (MPhil/PhD): Manuscript Waste Fragments: Identifying the Binding from which they were removed
  • Ana Tam (PhD): Applying Graph Theory to Conservation Documentation
  • Lisa Camillieri (PhD): Are Maltese Notarial Bindings a reflection of international professional trends?
  • Miriam Rampazzo (PhD): Venetian Sunkā€panel Bindings: a sixteenth century structure and production