Christopher Clarkson

I am writing to give you the sad news that Christopher Clarkson died in hospital shortly before midnight on Thursday, 30 March. I had seen him at home the previous Monday and although weak, he seemed stable and much as he had been for some weeks, but his condition suddenly deteroriated on Thursday morning and he was taken by ambulance to the hospital, by which time apparently he was all but unconscious.

This is a terrible shock for us all, but particularly for his wife, Oonagh, and their children, Eoghan and Siobhan and grand-daughter Seren. No arrangements have yet been made about his funeral, but there is sure to be an event in the coming months to commemorate his life and work, and I will make sure that you know what may be planned as soon I know it myself. There will be a fuller obituary in a few days.

For those of you who know his wife Oonagh, and would like to write to her, please contact Ligatus for the address.

With best wishes

Nicholas Pickwoad

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