Alphabetical list of concepts by preferred label

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Preferred label Preferred label (all languages) Alternative label (all languages)
coloured decoration coloured decoration, farget dekor
calfskin calfskin, kalveskinn
calico calico
cap cores cap cores
cartonnage cartonnage
cases cases, løsbind wrappers
casing-in casing-in, innhengning av løsbind
catchplates catchplates, bokspennebeslag catch plate
centre bevels centre bevels
centre-folds centre-folds
centrepiece blocks centrepiece blocks
centrepieces (decoration) centrepieces (decoration), midtornament
chainstitch chainstitch link-stitch, linkstitch
change-over stations change-over stations, festbind
channels channels, utsparinger i permen grooves
chemises chemises over-covers
clasp bevels clasp bevels
clasps (components) clasps (components)
comb spine linings comb spine linings, kamfôring
compensating guards compensating guards, utligningsfalser
composite textblocks composite textblocks, Sammelbände, samlebind sammelbands, composite volumes, collective volumes, multiple-text manuscripts
continuous longstitch continuous longstitch
continuous spine linings continuous spine linings, hel ryggfôring
corner blocks corner blocks, hjørnestempler
corner tackets corner tackets
cornerpieces (decoration) cornerpieces (decoration), hjørnedekorasjon
couched laminating couched laminating
couched-laminate board (material) couched-laminate board (material), presset papp millboards
cover extensions cover extensions, utskutte formeringer yapp edges
cover linings cover linings
covers covers, overtrekk
creasers creasers
curved corners curved corners
cushions (board features) cushions (board features)
cut before sewing cut before sewing
cut edges cut edges, snitt
cut flush edges cut flush edges, kantskåret bokblokk med omslag og perm uten innslag
cut-flush boards cut-flush boards
cut-flush bookblocks cut-flush bookblocks
cut flush covers cut flush covers
cut in boards (bookblocks) cut in boards (bookblocks)
cut to show proof (bookblocks) cut to show proof (bookblocks)
cut-leather work cut-leather work, skinnutskjæringsdekor
cutting presses cutting presses lying presses, laying presses
carta paper, papir, ਕਾਗਦ, carta
chagrin shagreen, chagrin
components components
covering techniques covering techniques, overtrekkingsteknikk
cover features cover features
caps caps, coiffe
coiffe caps, coiffe
copper alloy copper alloy, kobberlegering
cotton (fiber) cotton (fiber), bomull
clasp recesses clasp recesses
cameo (decoration) cameo (decoration) medallions
capped pin-clasps capped pin-clasps
casting casting, støping
central fastenings central fastenings
centre bosses centre bosses, midtbeslag
centres (furniture) centres (furniture)
chain lines (moulds) chain lines (moulds), kjedelinjer
chain plates chain plates staples
chain posts chain posts
chain sites chain sites
chain swivels chain swivels
champlevé champlevé
chasing chasing
circuit stuck-on endbands circuit stuck-on endbands
clasp straps clasp straps
clinching clinching
cloisonné cloisonné
combined corners combined corners
compartments compartments, felt
conjoint endleaves conjoint endleaves
cord and button fastenings cord and button fastenings
corner bosses corner bosses
corners (furniture) corners (furniture), hjørnebeslag corner pieces
cut and folded leaf markers cut and folded leaf markers
cut leather (decoration) cut leather (decoration), cuir ciselé, lærsnitt
cuir ciselé cut leather (decoration), cuir ciselé, lærsnitt
cuir de Cordoue gilt leather, cuir de Cordoue, guadameci, gyldenlær gilded leather, Spanish leather, cordovan
cord cord, hefthyssing
continuous pierced sewing supports continuous pierced sewing supports
covered endbands (caps) covered endbands (caps) saddle-stitch endband
cover paper cover paper, grovt papir til omslag
cover components cover components
chain lines (paper) chain lines (paper), kjedelinjer i papir
chain components chain components, bokkjettingbestanddeler
colophons colophons, kolofon
constructed boards constructed boards
contiguous subsidiary cores contiguous subsidiary cores
crowning subsidiary cores crowning subsidiary cores
crushed grains crushed grains
cut stub attachment cut stub attachment
cut-solid edges cut-solid edges, beskårne kanter plain cut edges
compound endbands compound endbands
cartai papermakers, papirmakere, cartai
complex lacing complex lacing
coloured fibres (techniques) coloured fibres (techniques)
coloured-fibre paper coloured-fibre paper
copper engraving printed paper copper engraving printed paper
cap formation cap formation, dandering
corners (cover components) corners (cover components), hjørneovertrekk
corner formation corner formation, hjørneinnslag
construction (board formation techniques) construction (board formation techniques)
cleaving cleaving
concentric frames concentric frames, speilbind
closing the hole closing the hole
case bindings case bindings, innhengt bind
comb-guards with folded stub comb-guards with folded stub
canvas canvas, kanvas
continuous band covers continuous band covers
circuit cover extensions circuit cover extensions, forlenget formering yapp edges
cut-out stencils cut-out stencils
cutting flush to the boards cutting flush to the boards
corners (place) corners (place)
covering material covering material, overtrekksmaterialer
case attachment case attachment
covering covering, overtrekkpåsetting
colourant colourant, fargestoffer
clasp fastenings clasp fastenings, bokspenne
canted corners canted corners
card card, kartong
coated paper coated paper, bestrøket papir
chevron marbled paper chevron marbled paper
combed marbled paper combed marbled paper, kammarmorert papir
curl marbled paper curl marbled paper
cloth joints cloth joints
clockwise spine linings clockwise spine linings
coat of arms coat of arms
combs (decorative tools) combs (decorative tools)
concertina books concertina books, trekkspillbind
codex-form books codex-form books, bok
clasp-strap recesses clasp-strap recesses
compound markers compound markers
continuous sewing guards continuous sewing guards
cut nails cut nails
Coptic bindings Coptic bindings
curing curing
chevron endbands chevron endbands
compact-chevron-with-crowning-loop-stitch endbands compact-chevron-with-crowning-loop-stitch endbands
compact-chevron-with-front-bead endbands compact-chevron-with-front-bead endbands
compact-chevron-with-crowning-core endbands compact-chevron-with-crowning-core endbands
compact-chevron-with-added-crowning-core endbands compact-chevron-with-added-crowning-core endbands
compact chevron on single core endbands compact chevron on single core endbands
compact chevron on single core as primary compact chevron on single core as primary
compact chevron on single core as secondary compact chevron on single core as secondary
connective strips connective strips
combined gathering and single leaves bindings combined gathering and single leaves bindings
canted spine-edge corners canted spine-edge corners cut-away corners, slanting of the bookblock