Alphabetical list of concepts by preferred label

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Preferred label Preferred label (all languages) Alternative label (all languages)
rett, løpende hefting all-along sewing, rett, løpende hefting
rammebind frame covers, rammebind
rygg-mot-rygg bind multiple bookblock bindings, rygg-mot-rygg bind
ryggfeltfôring panel spine linings, ryggfeltfôring
ryggbind quarter covers , ryggbind
raised bands raised bands, opphøyde bind
re-used (materials) re-used (materials), gjenbrukt materiale recycled
rebacking (techniques) rebacking (techniques), restaurert rygg
restaurert rygg rebacking (techniques), restaurert rygg
recesses recesses
rectangular frames (decoration) rectangular frames (decoration), rektangulær rammedekor
rektangulær rammedekor rectangular frames (decoration), rektangulær rammedekor
resists (materials) resists (materials)
reverse caps reverse caps
reverse points (edge grooves) reverse points (edge grooves)
reverse-twist supports reverse-twist supports
reversed skin reversed skin, vrengt skinn suede
ribbon-embossed bookcloths ribbon-embossed bookcloths
rolled sewing supports rolled sewing supports
rolls (tools and equipment) rolls (tools and equipment), rulle
rulle rolls (tools and equipment), rulle
rough-trimmed edges rough-trimmed edges, revne kanter
revne kanter rough-trimmed edges, revne kanter
round spines round spines, rund rygg
rund rygg round spines, rund rygg
rounded spines rounded spines, rundet rygg
rundet rygg rounded spines, rundet rygg
rubbing strips rubbing strips skids
run marbling run marbling
rygg og front overtrekk spine and fore-edge covers, rygg og front overtrekk
ryggovertrekk spine covering (cover features), ryggovertrekk
rygg rille spine creases, rygg rille
ryggfôring spine linings, ryggfôring
ryggfelt spine panels, ryggfelt
ryggfals spine-folds, ryggfals last folds
ryggfôringsforlengelse spine-lining extensions, ryggfôringsforlengelse
rettskårne permkanter square edges (board edges), rettskårne permkanter
reliure bradel three-piece cases, gebrochener Rücken, reliure bradel lapped component bindings
ruggen spines (bookblocks), ruggen
raised sewing supports raised sewing supports, opphøyde hefthyssinger
recessed sewing supports recessed sewing supports, innsagde bind
right-to-left fastenings right-to-left fastenings
russia leather russia leather, russlær
russlær russia leather, russlær
riflet papir laid paper, riflet papir
raised-lip catchplates raised-lip catchplates roll (catch plates)
reversed tab and slot reversed tab and slot
ribbon ribbon
ribbon markers ribbon markers, vedhengte bokmerker
right right upper, lower, front, back
ring and stylus fastenings ring and stylus fastenings
ring cores (bookmarks) ring cores (bookmarks)
rivet plates rivet plates, klinknaglebeslag back plates
remplate strap plates, remplate anchor plates
riveting riveting
repairing techniques repairing techniques
rawhide rawhide, råhud
råhud rawhide, råhud
ryggkomponenter spine components, ryggkomponenter
rivets rivets, klinknagle
remmer straps (fastening components), remmer
roan roan
rundet permkant fine bevels, rundet permkant
rails rails
re-entry holes re-entry holes
rolled cores rolled cores
rettskårne innslagskanter straight-cut turn-ins, rettskårne innslagskanter
rettskårne innslag straight-trimmed turn-ins, rettskårne innslag
rough-trimmed turn-ins rough-trimmed turn-ins, grovskårne innslag
rounding rounding, runding av bokryggen
runding av bokryggen rounding, runding av bokryggen
rygg spine (place), rygg
rayskin rayskin, galuchat
rope fibre rope fibre
rope fibre board (materials) rope fibre board (materials) tar boards
run-marbled paper run-marbled paper, rennemarmorert papir
rennemarmorert papir run-marbled paper, rennemarmorert papir
relief tools relief tools
relief (techniques) relief (techniques), relieff
relieff relief (techniques), relieff
relative size relative size
round inserts round inserts
ryggtitler spine titles, ryggtitler
remboîtage remboîtage
russia bands russia bands
right-side titles right-side titles
rolling presses rolling presses
rough-cut edges rough-cut edges
rough cutting rough cutting
relief-printed paper relief-printed paper
relief printing plates relief printing plates, relieff-trykkplater
relieff-trykkplater relief printing plates, relieff-trykkplater
reversed tabs reversed tabs
relief printing relief printing, høytrykk
rubricators rubricators, rubrikator
rubrikator rubricators, rubrikator
retail bindings retail bindings trade bindings
run marbled skin run marbled skin
rotating column indicators rotating column indicators
ruling (features) ruling (features)
réglure text ruling (features), réglure