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Preferred label Preferred label (all languages) Alternative label (all languages)
wedges wedges
whipping whipping
woven screen impressions woven screen impressions, kartong og papp med vevd mønster i overflaten
wrapped laminated boards wrapped laminated boards
western paper western paper, vestlig papir
wood wood, trevirke
watermarks watermarks, vannmerker
wide-in-the-middle (support spacing) wide-in-the-middle (support spacing)
wire lines (moulds) wire lines (moulds), bunnlinjer
wove paper wove paper, velinpapir
wrap-around ties wrap-around ties
wrapping bands wrapping bands
worked stuck-on endbands worked stuck-on endbands, håndstukket kapitélbånd
whipped-cord secondary sewing whipped-cord secondary sewing
wire lines (paper) wire lines (paper)
wound sewing supports wound sewing supports
wrapper-type endleaves wrapper-type endleaves
wooden board (materials) wooden board (materials), trepermer
woven stuck-on endbands woven stuck-on endbands, vevde kapitélbånd
wooden pegs wooden pegs, treplugger
writing materials writing materials, skrivemedium
whipped-cord primary sewing whipped-cord primary sewing
weavers weavers, vevere
whiting (material) whiting (material)
wavy-edge envelope flaps wavy-edge envelope flaps
wood-blocks wood-blocks, treblokk
wool hair wool hair, ull
wax (material) wax (material)
wound-packed-on-core endbands wound-packed-on-core endbands
wound-packed-on-two-cores endbands wound-packed-on-two-cores endbands
wound-packed-with-front-core endbands wound-packed-with-front-core endbands
wound-around-wooden-plate (Samaritan) endbands wound-around-wooden-plate (Samaritan) endbands
woven endbands woven endbands
woven-on-the-book endbands woven-on-the-book endbands
woven-off-the-book endbands woven-off-the-book endbands
wound without core wound without core
wound around thin rounded core wound around thin rounded core
wound around thick rounded core wound around thick rounded core
wound unpacked with flat vertical core and bundled warps wound unpacked with flat vertical core and bundled warps
wound on flat horizontal core wound on flat horizontal core
wrapped and stitched endbands wrapped and stitched endbands