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Unusual binding?

I saw this binding in the Stiftsbibliothek St Gallen earlier this year with a type of cover that I have never seen before. It is made up from two pieces of manuscript waste (written locally, 11th or 12th century), one on each side, which overlap on the spine, to which they are adhered. The spine edges of both pieces have slots cut into them to fit on each side of the sewing supports, the slips of which are laced though the sides and trapped by the pastedowns. I am thinking of calling the cover type a ‘laced comb cover’, but has anyone seen another?

Professor Nicholas Pickwoad to present seminar at Conservation by Design

Professor Pickwoad is presenting 'Giving Support on The Shelf: The History, Development and Construction of The Book Shoe', the first in a selection of seminars taking place to celebrate 21 years of Conservation By Design.

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Professor Nicholas Pickwoad presents a new discovery at Amsterdam University Library

image of manuscript
On Thursday, 11 April 2013, Professor Pickwoad took part in the presentation at the Bijzondere Collecties of Amsterdam University Library of the discovery of two leaves from a lectionary written in about 860 in the royal scriptorium of Charles the Bald, King of the West Franks.

Professor Nicholas Pickwoad to present keynote lecture at the Baskerville conference

Professor Nicholas Pickwoad will be at the conference, John Baskerville: art, industry and technology in the Enlightenmentin Birmingham from 6-7th April. Contributing to the section, 'Baskerville and his products', Professor Pickwoad's lecture is titled: 'Books bound after what manner you please: English bookbinding in the mid-eighteenth century'.

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Exhibition of Mudéjar bindings at The Biblioteca Nacional de España, Madrid

The exhibition entitled 'Piel sobre tabla', or in English, 'Leather on Wood' opens today at the The Biblioteca Nacional de España in Madrid. Focusing on Iberian Peninsula in the Middle Ages, where between 711 and 1609, Jews, Muslims and Christians shared a common space. This exhibition demonstrates how this co-habitation led to the development of a binding style called Mudéjar, unique to this area of Spain, through the extensive range of examples in the library's collection.

The exhibition runs from 12 March - 19 May, 2013.

Meet the Ligatus team at the CCW Graduate School Research Degree Open Evening

Join Ligatus and the rest of CCW Graduate School to find out more about Research Degrees at Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon Colleges of Art & Design. The evening will be an opportunity to meet us, other staff and students involved with the research degree programme. You will hear a number of short presentations throughout the evening with an opportunity for you to network and ask questions. Information about funding opportunities will also be available.

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Monday 4th March 2013


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