The University of Udine Ligatus Summer School 2011 announced

The History of European Bookbinding 1450-1830 and Identifying and recording bookbinding structures for conservation and cataloguing.

Istituto Ellenico di Studi Bizantini e Postbizantini di Venezia, Venice (Italy)
19-23 and 26-30 September 2011

The 2011 Summer School will be run by the Dipartimento di Storia e Tutela dei Beni Culturali of the University of Udine, and will be held this year in collaboration with the Istituto Ellenico di Studi Bizantini e Postbizantini di Venezia. The individual courses will be given by the Ligatus Research Centre as described below. We are delighted to work with the University of Udine in giving these course in the historic city of Venice and particularly in the Istituto Ellenico, which has a distinguished reputation in the field of book studies. This year students will have the opportunity to see bindings in the Museo Correr, the Biblioteca Marciana and the biblioteca di San Francesco della Vigna. With access to these historic collections and the unique environment that the city offers, this year’s summer school will be a unique experience.

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