CCW documenting practice meeting


Thanks to Claire (Mokrauer-Madden) another CCW graduate school meeting about documentation took place today. Claire circulated a few questions which were useful as a starting point for discussion:

  • Do you document your process? Why or why not?
  • How do you document your process and/or final output?
  • What problems or issues crop up in the area of personal archiving?
  • What role does technology play in your documentation?

The discussion has been recorded and a more detailed record may become available at the CCW blog but some points that I thought were stronger follow:

  • Creators do engage in documentation in one way or another with some reasons being:
    • the value of connecting ideas and concepts,
    • the type of documentation depends on what is meant as practice for each creator
    • documentation is in itself a type of practice
    • documentation can be considered as a house-keeping tool for future output production
  • documentation is not necessarily public since private records are common practice
  • blog seems to be a popular documentation tool which also allows a timeline to be built
  • curation of documentation data can serve requirements for communicating the research to different bodies

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