Artivity update - meeting with Semiodesk


I had another good meeting with the Sebastian and Moritz from Semiodesk
Their new website is up and running and it features Artivity as one of the projects they are working on.
We discussed some of the proposed metrics to capture for Artivity and talked a bit longer about the concept of confidence in the use of creative applications. We also talked about exporting Artivity data as RDF using entities from the CIDOC-CRM combined with concepts from the zeitgeist ontology.
Sebastian and Moritz have setup an Ubuntu ppa with the software they are working on so it should be very easy now to install and try the software. I am going to download the latest version of Ubuntu GNOME and give it a go.
Keep an eye on the project bitbucket repository which will soon have the project management document with the detailed specification as well.
In the meantime a very relevant event takes place this week in Toronto: this year's Libre Graphics Meeting and particularly an Inkscape Hackfest.

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