Artivity meeting in Germany


Last week I was in Germany to meet Sebastian Faubel and Moritz Eberl from Semiodesk. We had a great meeting and laid the plans for Phase 2 and 3 of the project. We discussed the new ppa Ubuntu Linux repository for Artivity and some interesting ideas for visualising Artivity data. Much of the data that Artivity deamon collects makes sense in relation to time. Plotting the data on a two-dimensional graph with time on the x-axis and events on the y-axis looks like a reasonable option. We were discussing of integrating the various types of events on one chart and allowing some comparison of the sequence of events as they appear superimposed on top of each-other.

We will also integrate the type of music being played from Rhythmbox as separate events.

Sebastian and Moritz have also been in touch with the Inkscape core developer community and are discussing the integration of the Artivity code upstream. Adoption by the Inkscape developers would mean that they can then provide hooks for measuring the popularity of various Inkscape features which may be useful for design decisions in the following versions, so we are positive that they will adopt our changes.

It was a good meeting followed by a great dinner.

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