Artivity: Call for contributions (paid)

What is Artivity?

Artivity is a set of software applications which capture contextual data produced during the creative process of artists and designers while working on a computer. The captured data can be used as evidence about the creative process of artists and it can also be used as a way to document technique. Artivity software can also be used as part of a self-archiving tool for artists who wish to document their practice.

What is this call?

Artivity wishes to commission work by artists and designers to test which aspects of the creative process is captured by the software. We currently support work on vector and raster images only (support for other types of creative software is planned). The work will have to be undertaken primarily on a computer around October 2015. The original artwork will remain the property of the artist.

Why new work is needed?

We are currently testing the types and usefulness of the contextual data recorded by Artivity. We need external artists to undertake research and provide this data in relation to a finished artwork to allow us to examine datasets we are not familiar with and find out whether we can make reasonable conclusions about the artistic process from the contextual data.


Commission fees will be discussed individually with each artist/designer.

If you are interested in contributing please contact Athanasios Velios (

Artivity is funded by JISC and it is a collaboration between the University of the Arts London and Semiodesk.