Artivity laptops ready


The past few weeks have been extremely busy and I had hardly any time to update the Artivity blog. This is what we have been doing:

  • Sebastian and Moritz have now ported the whole Artivity deamon and Explorer to mono making it potentially cross-platform for Linux, Windows and MacOSX. Although the plugins for Inkscape and Krita have not been ported yet, the expectation is that small tweeks will be needed for the different versions of Inkscape and Krita. Switching to mono now means that in Phase 3 we can start working on supporting Adobe software.
  • Sebastian and Moritz have also delivered a version of the Krita plugin which is now available in the Ubuntu repository.
  • We have been working hard and consulting with Graham Klyne about storing Artivity data as PROV RDF. We think we have mapped the Artivity data model successfully. We are editing a document which describes the mapping and this will soon be available on the Bitbucket repository under deliverables.
  • I have been contacting the artists who have been willing to work with Artivity and provide outputs and data. I now have a good schedule over the next few weeks with the two Artivity laptops being couriered around the country. So I am looking forward to receiving some data and try to build some narratives.