Artivity project meeting (2015-12-01)


On the 1st of December Sebastian and Moritz from Semiodesk visited Chelsea College of Arts for a day long project meeting about Artivity. This was to conclude phase 2 and prepare for the proposals for phase 3.

We began the day talking about sustainability, based on a text that Sebastian and Moritz had started. This was improved and enhanced following various reports and guidelines provided on the Software Sustainability Institute website. Daniela Duca from JISC joined us in that discussion with some very useful comments.

We then met with people from the UAL IT department and specifically from the team which is responsible for the deployment of applications to the managed machines in the university. We discussed possibilities in relation to Artivity and received very useful feedback.

We had a meeting with our administrators' team about the proposed budgeting for phase 3 and talked further about the pitches for the forthcoming sandpit.

Busy Artivity days!