Artivity goes on to phase 3


With a bit of a delay, I am updating the project blog to announce that Artivity has been awarded funding for the third phase of the project. See Daniela's blog entry about it. Since the end of phase 2 Artivity could run on Windows and MacOSX but with limited support for creative applications. There are lots of exciting developments for the third phase:

  • Sebastian and Moritz are working on the plugins for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. This will mean that we will be able to support popular creative tools and make Artivity accessible to a much larger number of users. Of course, support for Inkscape and Krita remains.
  • We are also looking to integrate Artivity with orchID to allow artist researchers to identify their data for institutional and academic reporting purposes.
  • Depositing of data to institutional repositories is also a priority and we are looking at the best solutions to integrate Artivity with popular protocols.
  • Finally we are hoping to be able to offer easy installers and packaged versions of Artivity and deploy the software in UAL network.

Further updates will follow soon.

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