Linked Conservation Data logo

As Kristen and I have been looking into sending the announcement for the project out, some colleagues have asked for visual material to accompany the text. This is a bit difficult given that the project has hardly started and that the consortium will not physically meet until June. So we opted for a project logo.

With limited experience in design and even more limited time we decided on a simple logo which will give the right message for the purposes of the announcement. The two components are:

  • The RDF icon: this page explains that the RDF icon is deprecated in favour of the Semantic Web cube but for many the three connected spheres still signify Linked Data.
  • A photograph of heavily corroded metal which I pick up from over here

I created a couple of masks on GIMP and then overlaid the corrosion photo on the RDF logo but keeping the shiny areas on top. I then used GIMP's Spherize filter to give a bit of volume on the flat image and that created the logo you see on the project page.

We are trying to get MA students from Camberwell College involved so that we get a nicer logo at some point during the project so expect updates soon.