Ligatus has undertaken a condition survey of the manuscript collection at St. Catherine's, one of the most detailed surveys ever undertaken on such material. The project resulted in the St. Catherine's manuscript database.

Ligatus surveyed about 1000 early printed books from the Monastery's collection, using a novel survey methodology based on a dynamic digital survey form. To download the Ligatus bookbinding schema and forms visit: Survey schemas.

Description of the work undertaken in Cell31A for detaching Arabic manuscript leaves by Jane McAusland, Maria Kalligerou and Nicholas Pickwoad.

Information about the plans for boxing part of the collection using custom made metal boxes and arranging them in an optimum spatial arrangement.

Ligatus is offering expertise in the development of the plans for the renovation of the library building at the Monastery.

The Saint Catherine Foundation supports conservation work at Saint Catherine’s Monastery, Sinai, Egypt and has been the main funder for this project. Find out more at the Foundation's official website.