St. Catherine's news archive

Please note that this list is no longer updated. See the main Ligatus page for current news from the St. Catherine's and other Ligatus projects.

Ligatus website update

With the establishment of the Ligatus Research Unit the St. Catherine's website will move under the wider Ligatus website. The Ligatus website will include various projects and separate pages for bibliography and student work. We will start working on the new website on Friday the 16th of November and we hope that it will be ready before the 25th of November. During this time the St. Catherine's website will be offline for most of the time. We hope that the new website will worth the disruption.

Watch this space!


Volos Summer School

Summer school: Identifying and recording bookbinding structures for conservation and cataloguing.

You can now visit the course website for more information. Volos (Greece), Municipal Centre for Historical Research and Documentation (DIKI). 10-14 and 17-21 September 2007 Following the success of the course in September 2006 we are pleased to announce the organisation of this year’s course in collaboration with the Ligatus research unit which is based in Camberwell College of Arts (University of the Arts, London).

Website update

The Project's website has been updated to the latest version of Drupal. However, because of this major upgrade there are a few compatibility issues still to be resolved. Although, I expect the website to run smoothly from now on, forgive me if it does not always respond as it should, at least in the first few days.

St. Catherine's Monastery Library Project Symposium

The symposium will take place in the Lecture Hall
at Camberwell College of Art, Peckham Road, on Wednesday, the 17th January 2007, from 2-5pm.

Prof. Nicholas Pickwoad will give a short introduction followed by a talk on: "All change at Saint Catherine's: renovating the library and creating the new digitising and conservation studios."

Andrew Honey will talk about "John Climacus in Los Angeles: Conservation of MS. Greek 418 for the 'Holy Image, Hallowed Ground: Icons from Sinai' exhibition at the J. Paul Getty Museum."

Slide digitisation finished

The slide digitisation is now completed. This was a project which lasted about 12 months and involved 4 persons. Georgia Gkouliavoudi, Isabelle Egan, Nikolaos Mantzouris and Heather Ravenberg have managed to complete the project before the expected date which was Christmas. Special credit should go to Heather for her huge contribution, especially over the past two months.

The resulting digital images are only available to the project members and the Monastery holds the copyright.

We would also like to thank the Headley Trust for generously funding this project.

George is moving

We would like to congratulate George Boudalis on obtaining his new post at the museum of Byzantine Culture in Thessaloniki. There he will resume his earlier position in the conservation of manuscripts which he had held from 1997. In the meantime he joined the St. Catherine's Conservation Project in 2000.

Bookbinding identification and recording course in Volos

Professor Pickwoad, Dr Boudalis and Dr Velios are going to give a course about bookbinding identification and recording between the 11th and the 21st of September 2006. The course is partly based on experience aqcuired during the St. Catherine's project and will explain the process of examining a book, recording it and storing the information in a database. The course is organised by DIKI in Volos, Greece and relevant information can be found here.

Preparing manuscripts for Washington DC

Andrew Honey and Nicole Gilroy are to visit the monastery from 19 to 12 August to prepare a number of manuscripts for the exhibition "In the beginning: bibles before the year 1000", due to open on 21 October in the Sackler and Freer Gallery of Art in Washington DC. Most of the manuscripts come from the largely fragmentary New Finds collection, discovered in a ruined room in a tower in the monastery in 1975, which has allowed individual separated gatherings or bifolia to be sent to the exhibition, including a single bifolium of the Codex Siniaticus.