Terminology report

This output is still under development

We have compiled a list of vocabularies used in conservation following a survey of conservators working with documentation. This can be found here:


During the terminology workshop and after work of the terminology working group we have identified three tasks in relation to vocabularies in conservation:

  • encoding using SKOS
  • aligning concepts from different vocabularies to enable cross-check of records produced with respective vocabularies
  • sharing encoded vocabularies and aligned data

We are sharing three corresponding workflows here which will enable thesaurus maintainers to perform these tasks:

Encode with SKOS

Flowchart explaining how to encode a vocabulary using SKOS

Align vocabularies

Flowchart explaining how to decide on the strategy for aligning two vocabularies

Publish vocabularies

Diagram explaining three stages of publishing thesauri in conservation

A full commentary on these charts as well as a review of the status of the individual vocabularies identified will be publish here by February 2020.

Effort for vocabularies

Item required processing Number of days
Language of Bindings Thesaurus concept matching, terminology 20