List of project outputs (under development).

This summarises the main body of work done by the consortium on terminology during the first year.

This summarises the main body of work done by the consortium on modelling during the first year.

Draft version of the LCD terminology guidelines. Please send your feedback to members of the consortium or directly to Athanasios Velios: ( or Kristen St.John (

Workshop summary

In May 2020, the Linked Conservation Data consortium organised a workshop about education which featured presentations from The Guildhall Museum Rochester, National Galleries Scotland and The National Archives. The recordings from the workshop are available online: Education Workshop and summarised here. The purpose of this workshop was to bring together expertise from across conservation and education departments of memory organisations and to discuss ways in which conservation Linked Data can become a valuable resource for education activities in memory organisations.

Policy template and primer for conservation data in memory organisations. This is the version which incorporates changes as a result of discussions at the IIC Edinburgh Congress in 2020 (see: Policy Document Workshop - IIC Congress 2020). This version has been sent for ratification to the IIC, Icon and AIC.