Project update - January 2021

Happy New Year!

We would like to take the opportunity of the January update to wish everyone a Happy New Year with as little disruption as possible and many opportunities to work on conservation data and vocabularies!

AHRC/NEH grant application for LCD phase 3

We have now heard back from the AHRC and NEH and we are sorry to announce that our funding application for phase 3 was not successful. Only 8 of 42 proposals were funded and the successful proposals are listed here ( This comes as a disappointment to everyone especially since many partners contributed to the development of the proposal and supported the effort so generously. We are in the process of requesting feedback from the funding bodies.
We would like to take this opportunity to review the overall direction of the project and consider alternative funding sources. We welcome feedback and proposals from the consortium on:
a. priorities for future work and suggestions for exploring new areas
b. funding sources and relevant projects which may overlap with LCD
Please contact Brigitte or Kristen or Thanasis with these.

Modelling workshop January 25th and 26th

We are preparing for the last workshop of this phase which was originally meant to take place at the Library of Congress but will now be online. Like before we have had an overwhelming response in terms of registrations and we will try to plan the workshop so that we can accommodate as many people as possible.

Board reattachment pilot

Despite the winter break and with contributions from Alberto Campagnolo, the LCD post doctoral fellow; Ryan Lieu of Stanford Libraries; and the ResearchSpace team, we have made progress with the pilot data. The datasets appear in the various queries that we are producing on the ResearchSpace platform. We are still making further improvements as well as preparing some representative types of documentation and results that can be produced following this processing. The last pilot working group meeting is this week and some of the findings and implemented examples will be presented at the workshop at the end of January.

Policy document

During a workshop at the IIC Edinburgh Congress 2020, we collected feedback which helped produce a final draft of the data policy primer and template. This is being discussed for ratification by the IIC, Icon and the AIC. The text can be found here (