BS EN 923:2015 Adhesives. Terms and definitions.

BSI BRITISH STANDARDS. (2016). Adhesives. Terms and definitions. London, BSI British Standards. BSI standard for terminology about adhesives. A superseded version of this standard was reprinted in Studies in Conservation in 1984. "This European Standard comprises terms peculiar to, or in general use in, the adhesive and adhesive processing industry. The terms defined have been classified so that, as far as possible, related concepts (adhesives, functional adhesive components, chemical base products, adherents, adhesives properties, bonding, and bond properties) are grouped together." 1.Scope; 2 Terms and definitions: 2.1 Adhesives; 2.2 Functional adhesive components; 2.3 Chemical base products; 2.4 Adhesive properties; 2.5 Material and material treatment; 2.6 Bonding; 2.7 Bond properties
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